Surabaya Malang Sarangan Jogja 5D 4N

Participants of amount 1-2 1-4 1-6 1-9
Price /person U$D 262 U$D 195 U$D 184 U$D 181
Tour included Entrance Fee + Guide + Air Conditioner Vehicle + Hotel

Day 1 Wherever we pick up you at airport – bus station/train station anyway you arrive at Surabaya City. From Surabaya we straight to see the Plantation of Tea and you will be see the production Tea. Perhaps you would like trying taste strong tea the famous and quarantine the good one Tea at Java.

After showing the plantation tea, we continue the journey to Malang but before Malang we will see one of the temple singosari there are symbolic amongreligious people. After that we going to Malang citie and over night at Malang

Days 2 from malang we leave at 9 :00 am to Sarangan but almost 7 hours we arrive at place but don,t worry before arrive at Sarangan of course we would visit at the plantation of apple and to see the panorama / view of Malang , on the way there are the raod so many grade. Probably you feel tired please said then we will stop you for take rest drink some coffee or eat something. Roughly we arrive at Sarangan 18:00 Pm overnight at Sarangan citie.

Days 3 from Sarangan at 9:00 am to Jogja but before leave at Sarangan close to Hotel there are beautiful lake and nice view same a like swiss. After that we going to waterfall and there area lots of monkey with nice long tail. finish at waterfall then going to Sukuh temple , Sukuh at mean like terrace, there area olso much local fruit and most the farmer plan vegetable usually . the next destination we direct to Jogja via Mangkunegaran solo palace and antique market driwindu then straight to Yogya overnight.

Days 4 from Jogja leave at 9:00 am to see area citie wonderful see sultan palace , water castel , bird market , batik factory , silver industry , wayang puppet and the afternoon we going the Hindu temple prambanan see sunset. Finish we will back Hotel .

Days 5 we leave from Hotel more early because we will going almost 3 hour to Dieng plateau.there area can see lake many colored , crater condrodimuko , Bima temple , Arjuna temple then finish direct to Borobudur temple for wonderful sunset. Finish at Borobudur we going back to Yogya.

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