Surabaya – Bromo – Semeru Trekking – Ijen Crater drop to Bali ( 6 Days 5 night )

| Participants of Amount | 1 – 2 | 1 -4 | 1 -6 | 1- 10 |

| Price / Person | USD 513 | USD 348 | USD 343 | USD 278 |


Day 1: Wherever we pick up you at air port – Train station, Bus terminal, then we going to Bromo village arounds 3 hour from Surabaya, overnight at Bromo Village Cemara Indah Hotel.

Days02: We leave from Hotel Cemara Indah early the morning at 03:30 am byJeep to Pananjakan Sunrise view point almost 30 minute we are arive, wewaiting the time wonderful Sunrise, after finish Sunrise we going backthe Jeep Areal then continue to Bromo Crater, Savana . Mount Tenggerback Hotel to got rest for while time breakfast, the same day we leavefrom Cemara Indah 12:00 noon to Ranu Pane Village by Jeep almost 2 hourwe will be arrive at Home Stay Tasrip Ranu Pane over night.

Days 03: We leave from Tasrip Home stay at 03:00 am we trekking to Ranu Gumolo but don’t forget must be good condition and we prepare their food by own but we provide gas cylinders and equipment for cooking, we need duration to trekking almost 10 hour we will be arrive at Ranu Gumolo. after that we set up a tent for relax to enjoy the time on view point Ranu Gumolo, waiting Sunset time over night on Under the hood we sleep.

Days 04: We leave from Ranu Gumolofrom what we stay under hood at 04:00 am we trekking to the SummitMahameru almost 2 hour we will be on the Summit Mahameru for see theSunrise and Mount Semeru is the higher Mountain on Java, event afterSunrise we feel enough then continue back to Ranu Pane the same time 10hour, we will be arrive on Ranu Pane Village at afternoon at 15:00 pmcontinue by Jeep 2 hour to Cemoro Lawang over night,Hotel Cemara Indah.

Days05: We leave from Hotel Cemara Indah Cemoro Lawang depend of you butmost late at 11:00 am because we need time around 5 hour by Car we willbe arrive at Sempol Village Ijen Crater, but don’t worry if you fellboring we can stop any time to take rest for drink something or anylunch, over night at Arabika Hotel or Katimor because on there Villagenothing choice have only twoo Hotel.

Days06: We leave from Hotel early too at 04:00 am we continue to PostPoltuding Ijen Crater but don’t forget your suitcase take directly withyou because we not come back to that Hotel, one hour we will be arriveon Post Poltuding Ijen Crater, from parking areal we need almost one anhalf hour trekking we will arrive at summit Ijen Crater, depending yourtime after finish we going down but you must be careful because the road is slippery,from Post Poltuding we bring you to the harbor Ketapang Banyuwangi byferry to Bali. this is our itinerary Surabaya – Bromo – Semeru – Ijen 6days 5 night.